Dental Cleaning & Exams

Staying up to date with your regular dental exams is the best way to keep your smile looking healthy and clean. For the best results, you should be seeing your dentists at least every six months. Visits should be made more frequently for those who find themselves experiencing oral care problems often.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleaning

Plaque left on your teeth can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and gingivitis. Luckily during regular cleaning, our professionally trained hygienists not only get rid of plaque but also prevent it and the consequences it creates.

Our professional cleanings take care of what your toothbrush can’t. Daily brushing and flossing are crucial to maintaining a healthy smile, but our dental technology and skilled professionals access and clean areas your toothbrush isn’t able to. Professional cleanings also remove tartar which is another significant oral care issue that can cause severe problems if left untreated. Being proactive with your dental exams will save you time, money, and pain by preventing any serious issues down the road.

Examination Benefits

Regular dental examinations are vital in maintaining your oral health as well as preventing any potential problems. Exams discover any current or potential dental issues allowing treatment to start early, stopping or avoiding the issue from getting any worse. By attending regularly scheduled dental exams, you’ll be saving time and money as well.

Appointment Expectations

During a routine appointment, our hygienists will clean your teeth with high-grade tools made to remove any plaque or tartar. Then they will polish your teeth to create a sparkling and stunning smile. Finally, they will take x-rays that our dentists will go over, as well as double-check your teeth and gums for any potential problems. Depending on your exam results, our dentists may recommend additional treatment for any issues they may have discovered.

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