Crowns are an excellent option for fixing a tooth that a simple filling can’t repair. Teeth with strong roots can be kept and topped with a crown to make them look as good as new. We’ll work with you until you’re completely satisfied to ensure you love the look of your new crown and have your smile looking beautiful again.

Why Use a Dental Crown?

When teeth are severely cracked, broken, or worn down, they can’t be fixed with a simple filling because it has nothing to hold on to. With a crown, we’ll have your teeth looking natural again while giving them some added strength.

Types of Crowns

There are several types of crowns to choose from, such as gold, metal-porcelain, and all-porcelain. After a discussion with one of our dentists, you’ll decide which type of crown may be best for you.

Crown Procedure

The procedure for a patient’s new crown will differ depending on the type of crown and the state of the original tooth. Severely damaged teeth may need a root canal first. If not, our professional dentist will start by filling the tooth to create a strong foundation. They then prepare the tooth for a crown by turning it into a smaller version of itself. From there, our lab will have to make you a permanent crown; until that’s done, you’ll be wearing a temporary crown. During your final visit, your permanent crown will be fitted and cemented into place, leaving you with a healthy and lasting smile.

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