Root Canal Myths: Busted

Root Canal Myths

Have you ever heard someone begin a sentence “I would rather have a root canal than…”? The negative portrayal of root canal treatment in our culture is not just a cliché; it is a myth! That is why we are using this post to knock down some of the most common root canal myths out there.

Myth 1:

“Root Canal Treatment Is Painful”

Many adults struggle with dental anxiety. The prospect of going to the dentist may fill them with dread, even for a simple cleaning appointment, so we understand why a patient might expect something horrible and painful when they get the news that they need root canal treatment. However, thanks to modern technology and anesthetics, root canal treatment can be performed quickly and comfortably. The best part is that the pain of your infected tooth will be gone!

Myth 2:

“If My Tooth Doesn’t Hurt, I Don’t Need Root Canal Treatment”

A common assumption people make is that if their teeth do not hurt, they are healthy. This is not always true. In some cases, the tooth may already have died, but it still needs root canal therapy to prevent a dangerous infection.

Myth 3:

“Root Canal Treatment Is Only a Temporary Fix and It’s Better to Just Pull the Tooth”

Some patients do not believe root canal treated teeth will last very long and that it would be a smarter decision to extract the tooth. However, root canal treatment can be long lasting and much more cost effective than replacing the tooth. Teeth that have had root canal treatment often require a permanent restoration such as a crown to strengthen the tooth allowing it to last for many years.

So although it might seem more cost effective to extract a problem tooth our natural teeth are nearly always preferable to any kind of false teeth. An extracted tooth may result in future problems for the surrounding teeth, in addition to a lengthy and more costly replacement process.

The Root Canal Reality

The truth is that root canal therapy is a great way to save a tooth, and modern dentistry has made the process comfortable and pain-free. If you have been avoiding root canal treatment because of one of these myths, do the best thing for your tooth and schedule a dental appointment today!

We love our patients’ healthy smiles!